Angels Baseball Stadium Tour – Anaheim, California

Angels Baseball Stadium Tour – Anaheim, California

Angels Baseball Stadium Tour

We are from Southern California, so our favorite baseball team is our local baseball team – the Angels!  If you love baseball, you NEED to do a stadium tour!  We didn’t realize how awesome this would be until we looked into what is included with the tour.  The Angels baseball stadium tour is also pretty inexpensive as well, so it’s definitely worth it!

Angels Dugout


The Angels Stadium is located in Anaheim, California.  For the tour, you will meet at the front of the stadium, under the giant baseball hats.

Admission Prices:

As of July 2017, prices are as follows:
Adults – $8
Seniors (55+) – $6
Military – $6
Children (Ages 5 to 14) – $6
Children age 4 and under – free


We felt that this tour was a little too crowded.  They actually ended up having to break our tour group up into two groups.  Many of the areas we visited were way too small for everyone to fit, so we had to wait quite a bit of time to enter those areas.  We felt the tour would have been much better if there was a smaller amount of people attending.


Parking for the stadium tour was the normal stadium parking, but it was free for this event. Since you will need to meet under the giant baseball hats for the tour, be sure to park towards that area.

What’s Included With The Tour:

Even though this is advertised as a 75 minute tour through Angels Stadium, ours ended up being a little longer.  We were able to visit the Angels Dugout, the visiting team’s clubhouse, the Gene Autry suite, the broadcasting booth, the press conference room, Mike Scioscia’s interview room, and some dugout suites.  We also walked through underground hallways and were able see indoor batting practice locations.

Kid Friendly:

This tour allows kids of all ages to attend; however, our boys were bored most of the time.  Since there is a lot of waiting during the tour, the kids were antsy and wanted to go explore other areas.


We thought the Angels baseball stadium tour was definitely worth every penny!  We were so excited to be able to go into the Angels dugout!  That was the highlight of the tour for us!  We loved almost everything else about it too, though!  The only thing we wish we could have changed was the size of the group.

If you love baseball, especially the Angels, you need to do the stadium tour!  We plan on visiting all of the MLB stadiums as we travel the country and hope to do tours at those stadiums as well!

Here are some additional pictures from our adventure:

Front GateAngels Baseball Stadium TourAngels Dugout
Angels Dugout
DugoutDugoutAngels FieldAngels StadiumIndoor Batting CageIndoor Batting CageDugout SuitesDugout SuitesAngels ClubhouseAngels ClubhouseVisitor’s ClubhouseVisitor's Locker RoomVisitor's ClubhouseGene Autry’s SuiteGene AutryGene Autry SuiteMike Scioscia’s Interview RoomMike Scioscia's Interview RoomBroadcasting BoothBroadcasting Booth

If you are interested in finding out more details or in buying tickets, here is a link to the Angels website: Angels Stadium Tour Website

Have you ever done a stadium tour?  If so, let us know where and what you thought of it!  Thanks for reading!

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