Snow Day – Near Yosemite, CA

Snow Day – Near Yosemite, CA

Snow Day

After a recent storm, we took our boys on an adventure to play in the snow!  The boys loved running, jumping, throwing, and eating the snow! They had such a great time during our snow day! We will definitely be taking them back to the snow soon!

Here is a video of the highlights from our snow day:


We found the perfect spot right outside the South gate of Yosemite National Park in the Sierra National Forest. It was the first sunny day after a storm, so the lake was steaming. Such a cool thing to see!

Steaming Lake

Crowds and Parking:

There were a few other families nearby, but it wasn’t crowded at all!  There was parking right across the street too.


This area has a small lake nearby, which was partially frozen while we were there. Be careful with your children when they are near the lake.  We made sure our boys stayed away from there just in case.

Here are some additional pictures from our adventure:

Building a Snowman Build a Snowman Family Picture Toddler Toddler Snow Day Frozen Lake Family Picture Family Picture with Dogs

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